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Quickly cool down post-workout to recover faster and stop sweating.


How the Cooling Cuff quickly cools you down after exertion.

Cooling the body at the wrist can alter thermoregulation, rapidly lower core body temperature, and quickly restore temperature homeostasis.

Humans possess complex thermoregulation. The body cools itself when heat is transferred from the blood to the skin, and the heat is then dissipated from skin to the environment, sometimes aided by sweat. The colder blood circulates throughout the body, lowering the body’s temperature. When the brain learns that the body is overheating, and the hypothalamus directs the body to speed up the process: more blood flows to blood vessels near the surface of the skin and sweat glands produce more sweat. As a result, more heat is removed from the body until homeostasis is achieved. 


The flexor side of the wrist is the best location to cool the body. The wrist features non-hairy skin, known as Glabrous skin, which possess specialized blood vessels that can release considerably more heat as compared to hairy skin. Glabrous skin is only found on the hands, feet, wrist, and ankles. But only the wrist is practical for a wearable, making it the optimal location to augment thermoregulation. 


Cooling Cuffs speed up this process and help you fight excessive heat. Concentrated cooling is applied to where the body can best dissipate heat, the wrist. The body returns to homeostasis quicker and sweat glands stop producing sweat sooner.


The result is an up to 66% faster cool down!

Simple to Use

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Product Features

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Cooling Cuff Pack


1 Year Warranty and Returns

Verified Amazon Reviews

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 9.36_edited.png

These are great! They almost work like magic to keep you cool! Will be buying a second pair as we get into the summer months.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 9.36_edited.png

Used after an afternoon of working out in the yard. Extremely humid and I was sweating like the proverbial pig. Came inside and strapped one of the cooling cuffs on my left wrist.  After doing that the cuff worked fine and helped cool me down much more quickly than usual. Worked well me. Highly recommended.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 9.36_edited.png

I was not expecting to give these a 5-star but they do work well and I love their simplicity and made in US part.

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