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Rapid Cool Down. Stop Sweating. Recover Faster. 

Reusable Personal Cooling Device. 

Cool down and stop sweating in 15 minutes.  

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Instant Relief from Heat

Heat is miserable.  It makes you uncomfortable.  

It steals your energy and makes you work harder for worse results. Cooling Cuffs lower your body temperature by cooling the blood on the underside of your wrist. The cooler blood circulates to cool down your entire body.


Learn more about how Cooling Cuffs fight heat.  

Quickly Stop Sweating

Sweating is your body's natural process to cool you down. But no one wants to be hot and sweaty. Cooling Cuffs are the solution to augment your body's thermoregulation system. We are confident that Cooling Cuffs can help your body cool down faster.  


How It Works

The Cooling Cuff is simple to use:

  1. Place in freezer until cooling pack is frozen.

  2. Attach Cooling Cuff to underside of the wrist.

  3. Replace cooling packs as needed.

  4. Wear until cool.

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Designed for Athletes

Heat is the enemy of performance. Fight back.

Our athletes use the Cooling Cuff to maximize performance. Some athletes prefer to wear the Cooling Cuff in the minutes prior to start time to stay cool in the heat. Some athletes wear the Cooling Cuff during the activity to mitigate the body's temperature increase. Other athletes use the Cooling Cuff to between sets or during time-outs to get refreshed for the next period or round. 

Used by elite athletes, Cooling Cuff is scientifically proven to extend endurance.


How It Cools You Down

The Cooling Cuff cools the blood in your wrist, which circulates throughout your body, rapidly lowering core body temperature.


Verified Amazon Reviews

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This is such a simple product that I am surprised it took me so long to find it. I've always known one of the fastest and most effective ways to cool yourself down is to put your wrist under cold water. This does the same thing but you can wear it for long periods of time. It worked so well! 

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These are great! They almost work like magic to keep you cool! Will be buying a second pair as we get into the summer months.

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This is a very unique gadget that actually works. It's been able to lower my temperature and cooling times almost exponentially.

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The future of thermoregulation is on your wrist.


1 Year Warranty and Returns

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