testimonial cooling cuff cooling wrist

Dillon, Executive and Father

The Cooling Cuff helps keep me cool whenever I am hot and sweaty. During workouts, after workouts, or even doing chores.


Sandy, former Olympian

I tried to the Cooling Cuff and I was amazed at how well it cooled me down. When I work out, I sweat; when I used the Cooling Cuff, I was shocked at how my sweat had decreased; this allowed me to work out longer and with more comfort. My son is an assistant basketball coach, he used the Cooling Cuff during practice he said he barely broke a sweat! We both love the Cooling Cuff, best work out invention ever!

testimonial cooling cuff cooling wrist

Ashley, Wellness Coach

I’ve been so blown away by this product and really have been appreciating it as a new mama who wants to get workouts in while also taking care of my babe and working a full time job. 🤪 More often than not, this has been a timesaver and I haven’t had to rush into work feeling sweaty and gross after squeezing a workout in beforehand. Even when I shower off after a workout, I’ve found that my body continues to sweat and feel hot so this stops that in its tracks!

testimonial cooling cuff cooling wrist

Amanda, busy mother of six!

I am so grateful for my cooling cuffs! As a busy working mother of six, just finding the time to work out is tough on its own. With the help of the cooling cuffs after my workout, I can move on to the next item of the day faster without the downtime that is usually necessary to cool off and stop sweating. Even better is when I am able to extend my workouts by using the cooling cuffs to keep my endurance going!

testimonial cooling cuff cooling wrist


This product is amazing and it works great for ANY body cooling... HOT FLASHES, anyone? Almost instant relief. And can't wait to try this summer working in the yard.

testimonial cooling cuff cooling wrist

Jordan, Fitness Model

Stop wasting energy, use the Cooling Cuff to cool you off so you can spend more energy working out! 💪🏽💪🏽

5- Star Amazon Reviews

This is such a simple product that I am surprised it took me so long to find it. I've always known one of the fastest and most effective ways to cool yourself down is to put your wrist under cold water. This does the same thing but you can wear it for long periods of time. I used it when I visited a theme park on a sunny day and it worked so well! 

Used after an afternoon of working out in the yard. Extremely humid and I was sweating like the proverbial pig. Came inside and strapped one of the cooling cuffs on my left wrist.  After doing that the cuff worked fine and helped cool me down much more quickly than usual. Worked well me. Highly recommended.

This is something you really need to try if you suffer with hot flashes. Being hot and flashy is miserable and these appear to be an answer for me. I like that they are sporty looking and you can wear them when you are working outside, working out or sleep in them. These are made in the USA and I would have no issues suggesting them.