Meet the Cooling Cuff

The perfect solution to excessive sweating.

The Cooling Cuff is a body cooling wearable that rapidly reduces body temperature so you stop sweating.  

man sweating too much

Excessive sweating is miserable.

Does it feel like you live and work in a sauna?

Does sweating make life uncomfortable?

The Cooling Cuff is the solution. 

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Product Features

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"I’ve been so blown away by this product and really have been appreciating it as a new mama who wants to get workouts in while also taking care of my babe and working a full time job. 🤪 More often than not, this has been a timesaver and I haven’t had to rush into work feeling sweaty and gross after squeezing a workout in beforehand. Even when I shower off after a workout, I’ve found that my body continues to sweat and feel hot so this stops that in its tracks! "

Ashley, Health & Wellness Coach

How It Stops Sweating

Cooling the body at the wrist can alter thermoregulation, rapidly lower core body temperature, and quickly restore temperature homeostasis.

Humans are warm blooded. When you are hot, your blood gets warmer and heats up your skin. You sweat to cool down the skin and keep body temperature normal. The Cooling Cuff removes heat from the skin much faster than sweating. The wrist is the optimal place to cool the body due to specialized skin that releases a disproportionate amount of heat. Click to learn more about the science of concentrated cooling. 

Five minute timelapse thermal video.

How to Wear the Cooling Cuff

cooling cuff easy to use, cool you body

Remove from freezer.

wrist cooler

Wear on underside of wrist.

wrist cooler

Be cool!

cooling bracelet wrist cooler

Cooling Cuff Pack

Each Cooling Cuff pack contains:

  • Two bands, one for each wrist

  • Four cooling packs to replace as needed

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