The Value of Neck Coolers

When you're trying to cool down quickly, there are a few places on the body that are especially good for applying a cooling product. The neck is one of the most popular. It is easy to access, has a lot of bare skin (as opposed to skin with hair) and is easy to apply a very big cold pack to cover a lot of surface area. I recently tried the Cool Time Neck Cooling Tube and was pleasantly surprised (

It got cold very fast, stayed cold for a long time and generally cooled me down. I am happy with the purchase. However, there are a few drawbacks. Mainly, I don't really like having something draped around my neck. It feels awkward and uncomfortable for me. Also, it looks awkward. It's not something I would feel good about wearing in public. Finally, it doesn't stay on very well. It would be hard to be very active or play any sports with it on.

I think a better option is to apply cooling at the wrist. The underside of the wrist also has bare skin. It even has specialized blood vessels that are designed to dissipate heat from the body. It is very easy to securely latch a cooling product on the wrist. In fact, the Cooling Cuff was designed to withstand strenuous workouts, such as boxing and CrossFit.

Where you apply your cooling is a personal decision. I'm always going to put in on the underside of my wrist because I can wear it while I exercise and feel comfortable. What do you think? Please leave comments below.