Mission Cooling Wristbands vs. Cooling Cuff

Both the Mission Enduracool Cooling Wristbands and the Cooling Cuff are worn on the wrist to cool you down when you are hot. So, which one is better? It really comes down to which one is right for you. So, let me offer a side by side comparison on the important features. I’ll also provide a Mission Cooling Review and a Cooling Cuff Review.

Price: Winner = Mission Cooling

The Mission Cooling Enduracool Wristbands are $7.99. Cooling Cuffs are on sale for $37.46. Both include a band for each wrist. The Cooling Cuff comes with 4 insertable cooling packs. Mission Cooling has the lower price.

Speed of Cooling: Winner = Cooling Cuff

Cooling Cuffs offer instant cooling on the wrist. The insertable Cooling Packs are frozen from being in the freezer, so they feel invigorating. On the contrary, the Mission Cooling Towel is just put under cold water. It doesn’t feel as cold or cool you down nearly as fast. I measured the temperature of the cooling aspects of each product right before use. Mission Cooling was 66.7 degrees. The Cooling Cuff was 12.6 degrees. The Cooling Cuff was much colder.

Duration of Cooling: Winner = Cooling Cuff

Cooling Cuffs stay cold for about 20 minutes while you wear them, and the impact lasts for about an hour. They do come with replaceable cooling packs that can be interchanged to continue the cooling process. Mission Cooling Wristbands don’t get that cold to start with, so it’s a little tough to say. I found myself putting it back under cold water every few minutes because it quickly felt like room temperature.

Comfort: Winner = Cooling Cuffs

With the Mission Cooling Wristband, you put the wristbands under cold running water, snap them a few times and put them on your wrist. I don’t like the feeling of dripping water, so it was not comfortable for me. They are lightweight and fit tightly, which is nice.

Cooling use silicone bands and secure tighter. The cooling pack itself is taller, about 15mm, which feels a little bulky and can make it challenging to put your hands deep in your pockets. It’s also a little heavier. But the band is dry and feels comfortable. For me, that is more comfortable than a wet wristband that drips.

Durability: Winner = Cooling Cuff

Both products are extremely durable and long lasting. I give the edge to Cooling Cuff because they are made in the USA and Mission Cooling Wristbands are made in China. The Mission Cooling stitching seems to be coming loose already, so I feel like the Cooling Cuffs will last longer.

Convenience: Winner = Mission Cooling

The Mission Cooling Enduracool Wristband is small and lightweight. It’s easy enough to use, as long as you have access to running water. The issue is that it is not convenient to have to repeatedly put it under cold water to keep it cold.

Cooling Cuffs are very easy to use, as long as you have access to a freezer. So, using these around your home is very easy. The drawback is that you need to use them pretty quickly after removing them from a freezer, so it’s difficult to take them far from home.

Review of Mission Cooling and Cooling Cuff:

The Mission Cooling Enduracool Wristband is probably the better product if:

  • You need something that you can take with you far away from home, such as on a long hike

  • You’re ok with very subtle cooling that you barely notice (if you feel it at all)

The Cooling Cuff is probably the better product if:

  • You need faster and more intense/noticeable cooling

  • You’re ok with paying a little more for a superior product

The Verdict:

I can’t blame anyone who want to pay less, but this seems to be a case where you get what you pay for. If you want to try wearing something that will cool you down, increase your athletic performance and make you more comfortable, it’s worth it to pay a little more for a better product. I personally prefer the Cooling Cuff, but it all comes down to personal preference.