Mission Cooling Towel vs. Cooling Cuff

Both the Cooling Cuff and the Mission Cooling, Original Cooling Towel are worn to cool you down when you are hot. So, which one is better? Unlike when I compared the Cooling Cuff to the Embr Wave (, there is a clear winner. But let me offer a side by comparison of the important features and let you make your decision:

Price: Winner = Mission Cooling

The Mission Cooling towel is $14.99. The Cooling Cuff is on sale for $37.46 and includes 2 bands (one for each wrist) and 4 cooling packs. So, Mission Cooling has a lower price.

Value: Winner = Cooling Cuff

I did not find the Mission Cooling Towel to be effective at all. You put it under running water, wring it out, snap it a few times and then wrap it around your neck. It did not feel very cold or provide much cooling for me. On the other hand, the Cooling Cuff uses medical grade Cooling Packs that come out of the freezer. I immediately felt the cold and the impact spread throughout my whole body within minutes. Cooling Cuffs are much more effective and that makes them the winner in value.

Speed of Cooling: Winner = Cooling Cuff

Cooling Cuff offers instant cooling on your wrist. The insertable Cooling Packs are frozen from being in the freezer, so they feel invigorating. On the contrary, the Mission Cooling Towel is just put under cold water. It doesn’t feel as cold or cool you down nearly as fast.

Duration of Cooling: Winner = Cooling Cuff

Cooling Cuffs stay cold for about 20 minutes while you wear them, and the impact lasts for about an hour. They do come with replaceable cooling packs that can be interchanged to continue the cooling process. Mission Cooling says the towel stays cold for up to 2 hours. My experience was more like 2 minutes. Maybe the impact is just incredibly subtle.

Comfort: Winner = Cooling Cuff

With Mission Cooling’s Original Towel, you’re basically putting a wet towel around your neck. It drips, it gets your shirt wet and it easily falls off when you move. I don’t like the feeling of dripping on my neck, so it was not comfortable for me.

Cooling Cuffs are worn on the wrist and don’t drip. They latch very securely and are meant to be worn during exercise, so they stay on while you move. They are a little big, but don’t restrict movement. Here's what it looks like to wear each product, with pics from Amazon pages:

Durability: Winner = tie.

Both products are extremely durable and long lasting. Mission Cooling Towel is made in China. Cooling Cuffs are made in the USA.

Convenience: Winner = Mission Cooling

The Mission Cooling towel is small and lightweight. It’s easy enough to use, as long as you have access to running water. However, it is not convenient to wear while you are doing anything active. And I had to put it back under cold water every few minutes to keep it cold.

Cooling Cuffs are very convenient, as long as you have access to a freezer. So, using these around your home is very easy. The drawback is that you need to use them pretty quickly after removing them from a freezer, so it’s difficult to take them for a hike or to the grocery store.


When starting this post, I intended to break it out by scenario. For example, use Mission Cooling if you need something small that fits in your pocket. Use Cooling Cuff if you need something that provides noticeable impact. I’ll still try to do that, but I can’t honestly recommend the Mission Cooling Original Towel to anyone. If money is tight and you like their concept, use a regular towel. If you can afford $37.46, go for the Cooling Cuff and you’ll be much happier.

The Mission Cooling Original Towel is probably the better product if:

  • $37.46 is out of your price range

  • You’re ok with very subtle cooling that you barely notice (if you feel it at all)

  • You’re not going to be active while wearing it

The Cooling Cuff is probably the better product if:

  • You need faster and more intense cooling

  • You plan to be active while wearing it

For me it's a no brainer. Cooling Cuff is the clear winner.