Embr Wave vs. Cooling Cuff

Both the Cooling Cuff and the Embr Wave are worn on the wrist to cool you down when you are hot. So, which one is better? It really comes down to which one is right for you. So, let me offer a side by side comparison on the important features:

Price/Affordability: Winner = Cooling Cuff.

The Embr Wave is $299 for one wrist. The Cooling Cuff is on sale for $34.95 and includes 2 bands (one for each wrist) and 4 cooling packs.

Speed of Cooling: Winner = Cooling Cuff.

Cooling Cuff offers instant cooling on your wrist, whereas the Embr Wave takes more time to build up. The Cooling Cuff also gets colder than the Embr Wave, so the impact is faster.

Duration of Cooling: Winner = Embr Wave.

Cooling Cuffs stay cold for about 20 minutes while you wear them, and the impact lasts for about an hour. They do come with replaceable cooling packs that can be interchanged to continue the cooling process. On the other hand, the Embr Wave allows you to set the duration that you’ll use it.

Comfort: Winner = Embr Wave.

Both products are worn on the underside of the wrist, but the Embr Wave is smaller.

Durability: Winner = tie.

Both products are extremely durable and long lasting.

Convenience: Winner = Embr Wave.

Cooling Cuffs need to be worn pretty soon after being taken out of the freezer. Embr wave is chargeable, so it is easier to take long distances away from your freezer.


The Embr Wave is probably the better product if:

  • · You don’t mind paying $299

  • · You are using it for long time periods of time with less intense cooling

  • · You also get too cold (it also heats up to provide heating)

The Cooling Cuff is probably the better product if:

  • · You prefer to only pay $34.95

  • · You need faster and more intense cooling

I personally prefer the Cooling Cuff. I think it does a better job of cooling me down at a fraction of the price. But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.