Cooling Off Doing Yardwork

Do you get hot while doing yardwork? I don't know about you, but there aren't many things more miserable than doing yardwork in the middle of summer. I get sweaty, tired and frustrated. Relief for me used to come if my wife would bring me a cold drink or by going back inside to the air conditioning. That's before I got into Body Cooling Wearables.

As our technology continues to improve, it's no wonder that people have found a way to assist their own thermoregulation to be more comfortable. There are heating packs to stay warm, even when you're outside in the freezing cold. And there are cooling products to keep you cool in really hot weather. Many of them are silly, like the hat with a fan on it, but some of them are rooted deeply in science and really work.

The most effective way to cool down is to lower the temperature of your blood, then let the cooler blood circulate through your body. This is primarily done by putting a cold pack directly onto your body. To cool off while doing yardwork, I wear Cooling Cuffs on my wrist. They apply the cooling pack to the underside of my wrist, where the blood is closest to the exterior of my body. That cools the blood down and cools me off as it circulates through the body. Other products are available, but these work the fastest and stay on the best while I'm doing that tough yardwork. Let me know what solutions you use!