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The future of thermoregulation is in your freezer!

Welcome to our new blog!

We passionately believe that all people will use wearable technology to augment the body's thermoregulation system. We believe that excessive heat is dangerous, uncomfortable, and steals your energy. We also believe that heat intolerance and excessive sweating can be painful.

Those beliefs fueled our passion and drive to invent a new product to solve for heat intolerance. We suffer from heat intolerance, and determined that there must be a better way. We started with science: understanding how the body regulates the temperature and the most efficient way that excessive heat can be dissipated. We designed the Cooling Cuff to maximize cooling and minimize disruption to every day activities. After months of testing, the custom-made bands and cooling packs were made available for anyone who suffers from heat intolerance or excessive sweating.

Please enjoy our blog!


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